Our team

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Our team

Our team at Pet Sitting Malta is composed of me and my dog Lucky. Lucky and I met purely by chance on a cold February night in 2010. I was driving when all of a sudden this puppy shot across the road. I braked very hard and was convinced that I hit this puppy. When I got out of the car to check if I had indeed run over this puppy or not, to my surprise this puppy was happily wagging the tail and jumped on my lap unharmed. It was from that moment that our bond started. I chose to take this stray dog in and call her Lucky considering the sequence of events. Nowadays we do everything together and are inseparable. A couple of years into the Pet Sitting Malta story and here we are today ready to assist you with all your pet related needs.

our team pet sitting malta lucky

Fast forward in time and my girlfriend Maria with her dog Lulu came along and joined the team. Without any doubt this addition in our lives has been a major change not only as far as pet sitting goes but in many other ways as well.

our team pet sitting malta lulu